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Prescription Lens + Free Shipping : From $35.
How it works
Get your online lens replacements mailed and delivered to you in 2 weeks or less!
Step 1: Pick Your Lenses
Choose your Rx lenses, blue-light blockers and tell us your prescription information.
Step 2: Send Your Frames
We mail you a secure, prepaid box. Send us your glasses.
Step 3: Re-Lens Glasses
We'll change/add new lenses in your own favorite frames.They'll fit perfectly.
Step 4: We Deliver to You!
Sit back and relax! Your new prescription glasses arrive directly to your door at an affordable price. It's simply and easy.
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Our Price
We believe our customers have a right to know how much their glasses cost to make.We reveal the ture costs behind all of our products, from materials to labor to lab, so we can offer them to you, minus the middle man/the traditional retial cost.
Dualens Collection
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