"Vision For All"

Here at Dualens, our motto is “Vision for All.” We believe everyone should be able to afford high-quality eyewear - whether it be eyeglasses, sunglasses, or contact lenses. Dualens offers eyewear starting as low as $10 – that’s including prescription! With a huge selection of colors & styles, there’s certainly a pair for everyone. Dualens’ Affiliate Program is an excellent way to spread our message. By signing up, you’ll be helping people discover awesome eyewear, and earning a little cash in return. It’s a win-win!
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It's As Easy As 1, 2, 3!

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1. Join
Joining is simple! We have partnered up with PepperJam to simplify the sign-up process. Click the "Join Today" button below and follow the instructions on the registration page.
2. Spread the Word!
Help us spread the word. Share with everyone your favorite pair of glasses and sunglasses, or even your favorite contact lens brand.
3. Earn Commission
With our competitve commission rates, you will be maximizing your earnings.

Commision Rate: 10% for new customers & 8% on returning customers. There will be opportunities for special rates during promotions!
How does Dualens' Affiliate Work?
Dualens' affiliates earn commission based on qualifying sales of any Dualens products (glasses, sunglasses, contact lenses etc.) through affiliate links placed on your own personal content channels.

Who is eligible for Dualens' Affiliate Program?
Anyone can apply, however, not everyone will be eligible. Exceptions may include failure to complete registration, invalid business, unverified website, and promotion of items deemed illegal in the United States.

How Does Comissions Work?
Commissions are earned based on qualifying sales (excludes sale cancellations and returns). Our cookie period is 30 days - which means sales are eligible up to 30 days, granted that the user does not clear their browser cache.

Our commision rate is 15% for all customers. The commission rate is applied to the order's total sale price only and excludes tax and shipping costs.

Can affiliates access materials for promotion?
Dualens affiliates are eligible to use any provided special links, banners, logos, curated pages, and/or newsletters.