Spring & Summer Music Festival Sunglass Styles | Festival Favs

Posted at April 13, 2018 | by Brandon Park | in Fashion Eyewear

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Spring & Summer Music Festival Sunglass Styles | Festival Favs

Your favorite season is finally here. It's festival season! Time to kick back and put your sunnies on for some fun in the sun. No matter what musical genre you like there's a musical festival for you. There are so many to choose from. Some of the big players are Coachella, Lollapalooza, Stagecoach and Outside Lands. Here's a must-see list of sunglasses that everyone is rocking this year.

Dualens' Festival Favs


This festival go-er has been in the game since their teens. He/she will know exactly what to bring to survive any festival this season. If you're a newbie, this is the person you want to bring to your first festival. They've got bracelets galore and tons of passes from their past festivals. They'll have their tried and true pair of vintage wayfarers and aviators like the Shelter and Cruise models. They've been there, done that.


We know, we know. You've been eagerly waiting for your first event since last fall. You're friends have all gone at least to one festival, but this is your first one. The excitement is literally pouring out of you. Our first tip is to relax and please don't bring a rolling suitcase for this trip. Trust us, you won't need that. Festivals are a fun way to spend time with friends and relax from the hustle and bustle of school or work, so pack light. Another great tip is to find a great pair of affordable sunglasses that defines you. The Eiffel and Hula Hoop models are a couple of sunglasses that you might enjoy.


You just bought your ticket off of someone online and decided you want to go to a music festival a week before it starts. You have no plans and nothing is set in stone. But you know one thing, you're ready to have some fun. Just remember to protect your eyes and pack some sunglasses. The Studio and Comet models are a couple of sunglasses that you might enjoy.


We hear you. This is personally me during every festival. I'm there to chill, relax and listen to my favorite artists. All I need is my trusty pair of sunglasses and a fanny pack. These are essential to having a good time while out in the sun. My personal favorites are the Galactic and Essex models are a couple of sunglasses that you might enjoy.


These dapper people are mixed in with all the other music lovers. Once you see one, you'll start to find others just like them. Their signature style is a nice button up and some designer looking shades. The Grandeur and Vibrant models are a great choice if you want to look classy.


Music festivals are a great backdrop for selfies and there are selfie sticks galore in these venues. Selfies are an awesome way to show off your outfit of the day on social media. This type of person looks good at night, in the rain or when it's sunny and his/her Instagram feed always looks perfect. You wouldn't even be surprised if he/she made it onto the music festival's website/video. Great options for these people are the Atlas and Villa sunglasses because they offer a pop of color to any outfit.

What's Next?

With many so many different sunglass styles available and many more designs coming soon, Dualens is your one-stop-shop for high quality sunglasses for affordable prices. Check out our collection of new summer shades today. You never know, you might find your next favorite pair to rock out with this festival season.